Preserved palm leaves in pink (2) Clearance

$5.00 $28.00

Description: these are clearance and the reason for highly discounted item

Sets: 2 palm leaves 

Care tips:

      • Preserved Palm Leaves are an incredibly delicate dried floral product. The stems and leaves are incredibly soft and fragile, handled with care.

      • Upon receiving these items, they feel damp or waxy to the touch since they are preserved, not dried. The Luxe B team recommends leaving them out to dry by a window before styling. Likewise, the stem is fragile therefore we also recommend reinforcing it with floral wire to ensure durability.

 Home decor and Wedding use:

      • Preserved Palm Leaves are excellently placed in picture frames as wall art or best for arrangements where a floral drape is desired.

      • The Preserved Palm Leaves are an excellent way of adding BOHO vibes to any room, retail business, or wedding venue. The soft texture of the Preserved Palm Leaves can provide a soft and subtle feel to your floral arrangement.


Here is an overview of our Preserved Palm Leaves:

      • Approximately 18” at the widest point and 25” tall.

      • The stem is about 10” tall.

      • Each set includes 2 Preserved Palm leaves.

      • Pink Preserved Palm Leaves are a darker pink at the base and gradually lighten as you get closer to the top. 

      • Soft texture.

      • Airy appearance. 

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