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Pampas grass size large colour faint pink type 1

$68.00 USD

Item details:

Story: With its airy and cotton candy-like plumes, the type 1 pampas grass is one of the largest and most luxurious of our Luxe B pampas grasses. 

Sets: 3 pampas

also available in natural and bleach white

Dimension: 3.6-4 feet high total height.

These were living plants, and all differ; therefore, some plumes grow longer than others.

Colour: faint pink, with slight undertones of peach

  • For the soft pink lovers
  • Depending on how each stem absorbs the dye. The dye tones of our Pampas Grass can range from light blush pink to more bubblegum pink. Please message us with any questions or concerns.

Click here for our blog post on pampas grass care tips
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