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PAMPAS GRASS - Pink Type 5 Retail Ready

$32.00 USD


Type 5 Pink 

Wholesale Sets: 

Minimum order 6 sets of 25 pieces Bundles - 40% off discount

36 sets of 25 pieces Bundles - 50% off discount 

Retail Ready :$4 added for packaging 

Shipping Cost determined for total order before wholesale order is shipped 

Processing to shipment: 4-5 business days 


  • Pink- Depending on how each plume absorbs the coloring, the plume may vary in coloring. Please email us directly with any questions.


  • Our Type 5 Pampas Grass plumes are around 1.5 feet high. Keep in mind these were living plants, and all differ; therefore, some plumes grow longer than others. 

  • Our Type 5 Pampas Grass is ideal for incorporating into any tabletop arrangement in your wedding, home, or office. 

  • Create a beautiful dried floral bouquet by pairing our Type 5 Pampas Grass with any of our Bunny Tails

  • Our Type 5 Pampas Grass is incredible to purchase if you are new Pampas grass decor. Though they are shorter and skinnier plumes, they certainly do not lack the lusciousness and luxuriousness that the other Luxe B Pampas Grass products feature. 


  • Blow-dry on a low heat and power setting to fluff the plumes. 

  • Once dried, the plumes do not have the same texture as a normal dried flower; they become soft, similar to a feather, and are less likely to break.

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