Luxe B Pampas Grass

White preserved arrangement

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Item details:

Story: We have created this arrangement with our collection of preserved pampas, grass and dried flowers. Our preserved arrangements will make a statement in any room. 

The arrangement includes the following: white preserved type 10 pampas, white limonium, white type 5, white coccolus, white rabbit tails, white bunny tails, and star grass.

*, ADD the Gold Coast Vase to complete your arrangement. We have chosen this vase as it pairs perfectly with this arrangement.

Dimensions: the entire arrangement is between 24-28 inches tall. The vase alone is 4 inches x 8.75 inches.

Colour: Bleach white. It is off-white, cream and slightly yellow at times.

If you are new to the term "bleach white" in regards to pampas grass and dried flowers, please read our blog post linked below:

Click here for our blog post on "bleach white" pampas grass
Click here for care tips.
Click here for our processing times and shipping details
Click here for our blog post on preserved florals vs dried florals

Please Note: these items are preserved; please note the solution used to preserve florals has an odour.

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