Pampas grass size large colour bleach white pampas promo pack mixture of 7 stems

$157.00 USD

Item details:

This over-the-top arrangement includes a variety of 7 stems of natural and faux pampas grass in cream and bleached white.

Sets: Mixture of 7 stems in different varieties of real and faux Pampas.

Care tips: Shedding is perfectly normal as it is a dried grass item. We recommend giving the plumes a gentle shake outside and blowdrying the natural (real pampas) on a low setting before styling them in your vase.

Dimensions: 3.5 feet tall to just under 4 feet tall.

Colour: Bleach White and cream. The tones can differ depending on how each stem absorbs the bleach or colour.

Colour and size can vary from each style of pampas in this arrangement.

If you are new to purchasing "bleach white" pampas, please read our blog explaining what "bleach white" means in pampas terms; this is linked below:

Click here for our blog post on "bleach white" pampas grass
Click here for our blog post on pampas grass care tips
Click here for our processing times and shipping details

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