Leather Ferns Bleach White clearance

$44.00 USD
Leather Ferns Bleach White
  • Each bundle contains approximately 9-10 stems.
  • Bleach White
  • The Leather Fern Bleach White is roughly 15-18 inches tall; each stem may differ in size.
  • Our Preserved Bleach White Leather Fern is perfect for home decor or wedding decor. Use it as a filler piece in a larger floral arrangement by breaking it into smaller pieces or as a statement piece in a vase on its own. 
  • DIY projects are the perfect way to utilize any of our dried floral products. Allow yourself to personally customize your own floral arrangement for your home or office. Also great to incorporate into any of your bridal designs. 


  • Our preserved Bleach White Leather Fern provides mass and balance to any floral arrangement. This Leather Fern radiates a natural luxury by adding movement, cushion, and softness to an arrangement.  
  • Please handle with care as this is a real dried flower and is fragile. These can be trimmed with floral shears. 
  • Upon receiving these items, they may feel damp or waxy to the touch. This is perfectly normal since they are preserved floral and not a. The Luxe B team recommends leaving them out to dry by a window before styling. Likewise, the stem is fragile; therefore, we recommend reinforcing it with floral wire to ensure durability.
  • Upon drying, the leaves may start to curl. This is perfectly normal. 
  • Some customers, if they prefer them to be flatter, will dry them and leave them pressed between a book. We do like the look of the items curled and will add them to the different arrangements we are making. Our favorite piece to add would be our bleach white promo pack. 

Please Note:
  • These items are preserved; please note the solution used to preserve florals has an odor.

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