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Immortelle- Silky Pink

Immortelle- Silky Pink - LUXE B Pampas Grass
Immortelle- Silky Pink - LUXE B Pampas Grass

Immortelle- Silky Pink


  • 15-gram bundles


  •  Silky Pink

  • Also available in White, and Pearl Gray


  • 30-35 cm


  • Dried flowers are more popular than ever. It's a gorgeous way to incorporate natural items into your decor and make an everlasting bouquet whether it be for your bridal bouquet, for your home, or special event.


  • Also known as dwarf everlast. Found across Europe from Eastern France all the way to Denmark. This flower has been used for face oils for generations and is said to give you "everlasting skin".


  • Keep in mind these are real dried flowers, ensure these are handled with care.


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  • Most of our items take 5-10 business days to process before shipment.
  • Type 6, Type 1, Faux Pampas Cream, Faux Pampas Taupe Sand & any item including our FAUX ACCENT pieces do have longer processing times. Due to high demand of these items, they do have a 3-6 week processing time before your item will be shipped out.
  • If you have an important event or wedding and need it sooner please email us. We will try our very best to accommodate.


    The health and safety of all our team members are our number one priority. Please note that Covid delays may happen with shipment. If you do have an important event, we strongly suggest placing your order in advance. Even orders that seek priority shipment, we cannot guarantee priority arrival times within the covid parameters.

We do scent most of our items with our signature scent. Pampas and dried florals have a natural odor so we do choose to scent ours. If you do have any sensitivities or allergies, we do suggest emailing us with any questions. We do have the option to have any order unscented. We just ask that you contact us directly via email and let us know.

If you do have severe allergies, we do suggest going with our faux pampas line. This line is completely synthetic. We made this item for our customers who have allergies or sensitivities. 

Immortelle- Silky Pink - LUXE B Pampas Grass
Immortelle- Silky Pink - LUXE B Pampas Grass

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