Hanging Amaranthus-Peach

$6.00 USD $33.00 USD

Dried Hanging Amaranthus- Peach


  • Peach
  • Also available to order in Pink and White
  • Our dried hanging amaranthus total length is about 15-20 inches long; though, each bundle may differ in length.


  • Hanging amaranthus can be arranged by itself or used as an accent in any floral arrangement by cutting pieces off the stem into desired lengths.


  • Globe Amaranth is native to Central America. They are grown prominently in Panama and Guatemala but also are now being grown globally. 
  • Hanging amaranthus is an incredibly delicate and unique-looking plant. People are loving incorporating amaranthus into their DIY wedding flowers due to the spectacular texture! Amaranthus has long stems with stunning hanging clusters of fuzzy buds that droop to the side. 


  • Keep in mind these are real preserved items; ensure they are handled with care. If you are new to preserved items, I suggest reading our blog on Preserved VS. Dried Florals. 
  • As it is a natural item, shedding is perfectly normal when first receiving the item and styling it. Once secured in your vase or arrangement, you will only notice shedding from time to time.

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