Luxe B Pampas Grass

Maui pampas arrangement in colour natural with dried flowers, and palm fan + mojave vase


Item details: 

We have created the perfect everlasting arrangement by mixing our preserved dried flowers and palm fans.

Colour: Variations of bleach-white & natural styles of pampas and dried flowers.

Dimensions: Total height of the arrangement is 23 inches, with the vase included. The arrangement includes our Mojave vase. The vase is 5 and 1/2 inches around and 7 inches tall.

  • Add a set of our boho beads to complete the look! We have our beads in pink, black and white.

We love the beach vibes this vase will add to any space. Ideal styling would be the office desk, bedside table, coffee table, or entryway console table.

Care: When you receive the arrangement, the arrangement will be tied together and in a protective sleeve. Take the arrangement out gently, hold the plumes together and hold them tightly to secure them in the vase.

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