Luxe B Pampas Grass

Buhera Baskets


Item details:

Story: handmade woven baskets imported from Zimbabwe, Africa. We choose these gorgeous baskets as they are perfect for our pampas or palm leave collection.

Sizes and look may vary as these are handwoven. Please reach out to our care team if you have any questions about sizing. 

Large basket is pictured with UVA pampas 

Medium basket is pictured with two large palm leaves

Small basket is pictured with medium 1 palm fan and 1 teethy fan 

Baskets may not sit perfectly.


Lrg: 18-26 inches height x 6-9 inches wide

Med: 14-18 inches height x 6-9 inches wide

Sm:12-14 inches height x 4-6 inches wide

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