The product I want is sold out! What do I do?

  • We do our best to restock items that sell out. However, we are not always able to restock due to lack of supply from our farmers.

How do I modify the items in my order?

  • Once an order is placed, the only option there is to alter it is for the customer to email us as soon as possible so we can try to accommodate. 

Can I cancel my order?

  • You are able to cancel the order within 48 hours of purchase.

Why are there taxes charged on my order?

  • You may see the taxes on your online purchases listed as State Tax, County Tax, City/Municipal Tax, or Special Tax. These taxes are specific to your shipping address and are imposed by your state and local governments.

Can I use a Gift Card from Amex or Visa in addition to my credit card?

  • Yes, you can use a gift card from Amex or Visa in addition to your credit card as a payment method.

I ordered your products as a gift. Are there prices in the box?

  • We do not include prices in the box, so there is no need to worry about your gift receiver seeing the price of their gift. If you’d like to add a personal touch to your gift, feel free to add a message in the “notes” section while placing your order. 

I entered the wrong billing address! What should I do?

  • We will have to cancel the order and have you re-order

Are prices in USD?

  • Our Pricing is in USD however orders outside of Canada may be charged a  international fee up to 4.00$.

What are the dimensions on your Pampas Grass?

  • Each pampas grass product differs in size, please refer to the description in each listing for product dimensions and email if you have any further questions.

Is there a wedding or bulk discount?

  • Currently we do offer a bulk discount on large orders over 500.00$ that are placed 2 months ahead of the desired receiving date. Here is our blog post on how the incentive program works. Contact our care team at info@luxebpampasgrass.com for more information. 
  •  Email us if you have any questions, we would be happy to create a custom invoice for you!

 Why isn't my promo code applying to my order?

  • We currently have a first time buyer 10% off promo code that can be used once. If you have an additional code and are experiencing difficulty using it, please email us so we can assist you.

What if I forgot to add my promo code at checkout?

  • Not to worry, if you forget to add the promo code email us at info@luxebpampasgrass.com with your order details and we will do our best to help you. 

Can I stack multiple promotions in one purchase?

  • Unfortunately, you cannot combine multiple promotions on our product.

Which shipping carriers do you use?

  • We currently use USPS for our US orders and Canada Post for our Canadian orders. 

How can I communicate delivery instructions to the carrier?

  • Both of our shipping carriers have the option of adding delivery instructions for a package.


The main eligibility condition is a barcode. Your mailpiece must bear a USPS Tracking® barcode or an Extra Service barcode so that you can check online and confirm eligibility. Here’s how to do it on USPS.com or the USPS Tracking page

  1. Enter the tracking number from the Shipping Label or Receipt into the field labeled "Tracking Number" and click on "Search."
  2. The most recent tracking status of your item should appear.
  3. If your shipment is eligible for USPS Delivery Instructions service, the words "Delivery Instructions" will be displayed on the right side of the screen under "Available Actions." 

Canada Post: 

  1. Online purchase
    Make your online purchase and select Canada Post as your delivery service (if available).
  2. Track your package
    Once you receive your tracking number from the merchant (the store where you made your online purchase), go to the Track tool or download the mobile app (currently available on the iOS devices only; support for Android devices is expected in late 2018). You'll need to enter the tracking number for each package.
  3. Request email notifications for the Track tool or push notifications for the app
    Whether you're in the Track tool, signed in to your Dashboard or using the mobile app, you'll need to enter your tracking number for each package and click "email address" under the Email notifications section. Complete the form and click submit. You'll get delivery status updates by email or you'll receive push notifications on your phone.
  4. Select your delivery preference
    If your package is eligible, you can choose from the pre-defined list (safe-drop locations outside your home) where you want your package to be delivered. There is no cost to specify a delivery preference location. Delivery preference locations are available in the Track tool or through the mobile app (iOS only).
  5. Terms and conditions
    You need to agree to the terms and conditions each time you select your delivery preference location.
  6. Duty and taxes
    If you're expecting an international package, you may receive a notification to pay duty and taxes*.
  7. Email confirmation
    You'll get an email or a push notification (on your phone if you're using the app) to confirm your delivery preference as well as status updates during the delivery process.

My order was marked as delivered, but it’s not here! What do I do?

  • If your order was marked as delivered but it is not at the desired location, we first suggest verifying the shipping address on your order. If the shipping address is correct, check all possible locations around your home, apartment, or office and see if someone else accepted the delivery. Additionally, packages may be prematurely marked as delivered. We suggest waiting 2 business days for your package to arrive after the listed delivered date. If your order does not arrive, please email us at info@luxebpampasgrass.com and we will work together to find a solution.

Do you ship to P.O. boxes?

  • We do ship to P.O. boxes 

When will my order ship?

  • Thanks so much for placing an order with us! Due to popular demand, some items do take 5-10 business days. Our Type 6, Type 1 and Vase Accent pieces do have 3-6 week queue before orders are shipped out. Once your order is ready for shipment, we will send a separate email with all the tracking information.
Returns & Exchanges:

What is your return policy?

  • Please note that we are not able to process returns for our product once they have been shipped out. 

Do you ship internationally?

  • At this point in time we unfortunately only ship to Canada and the United States. We do not ship to Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands at this time.