Malibu Vase



  • Recycle Glass Vase with tints of Turquoise  
  • The Malibu vase is about 13 inches tall and 10.8 inches wide. 
  • Enjoy a little piece of the ocean in your home or office by styling it on a table or the floor. 
  • Ideal for placement next to wedding arches or lining the wedding aisles. We would recommend placing sand in the base in order to decrease the likelihood of the vase tipping over due to wind.
  • The Owner, Madeleine MacKenzie, had a decade of her career roots planted in California. She would spend her weekends in Malibu walking the pier and reflecting at the beach. She designed this vase to have the reflective turquoise ocean she loves so much in Malibu. When the sun hits this 100% European recycled glass vase, many beautiful hues of crystal light blue and turquoise will be seen shining through.

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