Bistro Recycled Glass Vase


The much-anticipated arrival is here! We couldn't be more thrilled about the arrival of our Bistro Recycled Glass Vase! We listened to our audience, and they told us that they wanted a taller vase that fits our larger-styled pampas perfectly!

So here it is:

Our Luxe B Bistro Vase is made with Recycled Glass. The vase is clear with a slight tint of that gorgeous sea-coloured water with hints of turquoise and green. 


The Bistro vase is about 18 inches tall and 10.8 inches wide. 


  • Enjoy a little piece of the ocean in your home or office by styling it on a table or the floor. 
  • Perfect as a statement piece in any room, we love styling this in the corner of a room with any of our taller pampas. It makes a true focal point where you usually have a large floor plant! 
  • Ideal for placement next to wedding arches or lining the wedding aisles. We would recommend placing sand in the base to decrease the likelihood of the vase tipping over due to wind.

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