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Luxe B "Faux" Artificial Pampas Grass Soft Baby Pink

Luxe B "Faux" Artificial Pampas Grass Pink - LUXE B PAMPAS GRASS

Luxe B Faux Pampas Grass is part of our artificial pampas line. That's right, it's completely synthetic. It gives you those Pampas vibes, without the mess.

  • Our Faux Artificial Pampas Grass comes in orders of 3 
  •  Please note this color is soft baby pink. 
  • Dimension:
  • Our Faux Artificial Pampas Grass stems are around 3.6 feet. The stems can be trimmed down; however, due to a heavy-duty steel wire that runs through the middle of the stems, this task will require some garden shears.
  • Incorporate our Faux Artificial Pampas in your home or office on a table or on the floor in one of our Malibu vases.
  • Ideal for enhancing the beauty of wedding arches or creating a whimsical feel by lining the wedding aisle.


  • In order to keep up with the demand for Pampas the Owner, Madeleine Mackenzie, developed the Faux Artificial Pampas. This faux pampas will be sure to outlast any other plant decor with its heavy-duty steel wire. The engineered plumes were designed to be capable of flowing and draping while still being sturdy enough for movement. 
  • Wipe clean with dry cloth

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Luxe B "Faux" Artificial Pampas Grass Pink - LUXE B PAMPAS GRASS

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