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Solidago Grass-Bleach White

Solidago Grass-Bleach White


  • One bundle has roughly 60 pieces. 


  • Bleach White


  • Our Solidago Bleach White Grass is about 22 inches long, though, each bundle may differ in length.
  • This dried floral’s sleek structure gives height and texture to any floral arrangement. Paired with a Type 5 Promo Pack, the Solidago Bleach White Grass creates a pristine and elegant look. 
  • DIY projects are the perfect way to utilize any of our dried floral products. Allow yourself to personally customize your own floral arrangement for your home or office. Also great to incorporate into any of your bridal designs.


  • The Solidago Bleach White Grass perfects the combination of dry and soft textures and can be paired with any dried floral or floral arrangement.  


  • These stems can be trimmed to fit any vase and create levels in any floral arrangement.
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