Our most popular tabletop pampas arrangement now has three amazing choices!

faux pampas arrangement

Our vase accent, Mojave vase and boho bead trifecta are the perfect tabletop faux pampas arrangement. Madeleine has thoughtfully designed this stunning completed arrangement look so that it can be styled in many different ways. This promo pack comes with our faux pampas grass vase accents in our smallest size (18 inches total height), and our popular sand-textured off-white Mojave vase (7 inches tall) and we love pairing it with a pair of our boho beads. You can purchase this option with our pink, frosted white, or black beads. Each listing on our website has a drop-down to choose from.

faux pampas boho beads vase

When we first launched this item, Luxe B pampas grass had this option with only our cream vase accents. Due to popularity, we decided to expand this option! Our cream tends to appeal to people who have a more neutral and bright palette in their home design. Now we have two other options: our taupe sand vase pampas accents and our blush vase pampas accents is now an option to be paired with this promo pack.

natural looking faux pampas

Our taupe sand colouring was designed to look more like a natural style of pampas.

blush faux pampas

Our blush pink colouring was added to the roster as we know people like a perfect pop of colour!

This arrangement is versatile for many reasons. We love seeing them styled on a console table, as a table centrepiece, entryway table.

table top faux pampas

This arrangement is perfect to be styled at any special event. We love seeing them as the table centrepiece at a wedding, used in a bridal shower or baby shower decor!

table top arrangement

With many of our popular pieces, you can find them as part of our Canadian and American wholesale options. These 3 pieces will always be part of our wholesale as we know it's a great choice for boutiques, flower shops or designers as it makes a lovely decor piece for the home and an even better gift for your clientele.

pink pampas

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