Luxe B Pampas Grass- Recycled Glass Boho Beads- The perfect decor accent!


Who doesn’t love a touch of boho decor? We are super thrilled to have our Boho Recycled beads as part of our permanent collection of decor pieces at Luxe B.



Luxe B's Boho glass beads have been thoughtfully curated by Madeleine. She decided to use the left over glass from one of the original vases she created, the glass was made into this gorgeous accent decor piece.



She wanted to design a piece that would be the perfect accent to any vase.



We love seeing this piece incorporated into your wedding or event decor!
You can wrap them at the top of a vase as an accent to any arrangement. An easy way to incorporate them would be draping them over the guest book.


Boho Glass Recycled Beads


The translucent beads allow the sun to shine through while highlighting the imperfectly asymmetrical yet beautiful BOHO beads.



We carry them in three complimentary colours:

BOHO Recycled Glass Beads Frosted White



BOHO Recycled Glass Beads Clear Black


BOHO Recycled Glass Beads Light Pink



Check out the video below to see a simple, yet stylish way to utilize our Boho Beads:



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Luxe B Pampas Grass


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