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Do We Carry White Pampas?



Recently, everyone has become all about those crisp white design elements in their homes! Whether it be white walls, white linen, white furniture, white everything! We often get questions from our customers regarding which pampas is the truest white. In order to clarify, I thought I’d write this blog post for everyone to enjoy. 

The truth of the matter is, we don't carry many pampas products that are a pure white. Pampas is a real plant that is grown, hand picked, and bleached or dyed from its natural form. Our Bleach White pampas has white hues with complementing golden tones as it can only absorb certain amounts of bleach before it quits working. Allow me show you our variations of pampas that are closest to white. Feel free to watch the videos that are linked to each type.

If a customer is looking for pampas that is a true white, we highly suggest looking at our White Artificial Pampas. However, if someone desires faux pampas that resembles the colors and tones of our real bleached pampas, we suggest the Cream Faux Pampas. 

The cream faux features the same warm and golden tones that the bleached Type 1 or 2 plumes have. The engineered plumes were designed to be capable of flowing and draping while still being sturdy enough for movement. 


Naturally, this pampas is gray; however, with large demand we bleach the pampas to  have the desired white look. You will see these pampas all over Pinterest as it is featured in many wedding photos. The bleaching process will never achieve a pure white tone and you will often find golden hues. Feel free to watch the video that is linked above for more information on Type 1 Bleach White!

Type 2 Bleached White 

Naturally the Type 2 is a brownish-gray color; however, we achieve a beige shade by bleaching it. Once bleached, Type 2 appears more of an off-white or cream shade rather than a true white. Check out our video for more information on Type 2 to see if it’s right for you! Natural Type 2 small is brown or gray in color and once bleached looks more like a cream or off-white color. Watch Type 2 Small video, linked above, to see how the Bleach White looks styled with our type 6 small which has natural beige hues.


Naturally, Type 5 is grayish purple as pictured below. In order to achieve the white color, we have it bleached. Once bleached our Type 5 comes closest to the purest white color out of our small pampas. Take a look at our video on Type 5 by clicking the link above!


 Naturally, rabbit tails are a brown color then we have them bleached to achieve that off-white look.  Bunny Tails are naturally brown; however, our most sought after Bunny Tail is the white. Depending on how each stem absorbs the bleach, tones of our white bunny tails can range from off-white to cream. 

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