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Check out this dreamy holiday decor using Pampas!

My sister and I had so much fun making these simple yet elegant holiday looks with Pampas. Who would have thought that pampas can be so versatile in Holiday decor? 

The pampas really brought life to the mantle and all we had to do was add a few different accents such as ornaments and candles to pull off the looks!  I always am drawn to holiday decor with gold and white accents. It always looks so elegant in any room. We added a bit of greenery, a few simple white lights, the gold and white candles and voila!  It truly made a perfect classy holiday look!


Sometimes it's fun to change up your traditions though and spice things up with a fun colour! Who doesn't love pink decor these days? We decided to change up our usual Christmas decor and add a little bit of life with our type 6 pink pampas. We found these large pink ornaments at a local shop in Toronto and thought they would be perfect to compliment the look! Holiday decor is fun and should be shared with people you love! Hope you all have fun styling pampas into your holiday decor!

Watch our full youtube video here of behind the scenes

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