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Why is Type 6 Pampas Grass Out of Stock?

Why is Type 6 Pampas Grass Out of Stock?

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Do you ever crave a Pumpkin Spice Latte in the middle of the summer but can't get your hands on one? This is because it is a seasonally released product. Pampas grass is a seasonally grown plant, which means there are times in the year that specific types of pampas are available. It takes roughly 2 to 4 years for our pampas to grow and mature enough to be picked and sent our way. 


As the leading seller of pampas grass in North America, we are continuously securing our pampas variations with dozens of farmers globally. Our most sought after pampas is Type 6. It’s luxuriously fluffy golden and caramel toned plumes are the perfect addition to any home decor. Last year our Type 6 was available from September till late January. Moving into the wedding season we had to send hundreds of heart breaking emails informing brides that we were unable to provide it for their weddings.

If you are looking to feature this beautiful pampas grass in your wedding next summer please click the link to get up to date information on Type 6 availability. This item will not be available on our website as we have made a few rounds of pre-orders for our customers to secure their stems. For more information on Type 6, please browse through our videos below. For additional inspiration on styling your new pampas follow our social media accounts.

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PAMPAS GRASS - Type 6 Natural

PAMPAS GRASS - Type 6 Natural


Our Type 6 Pampas Grass comes in orders of 3 stems or 6 stems. Color:  Natural (nude color) can have hues of blonde naturally depending on how the light hits the plumes. Dimension: Our Type 6 Pampas Grass stems are... Read More


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