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Luxe B Pampas Grass- Faux Pink Pampas

Luxe B Pampas Grass- Faux Pink Pampas

1 minute read

New Pink Faux Pampas

Decorating a new space? Have you been looking to add that perfect pop of color? We got you covered my friends!

We are excited to launch the newest color of our faux pampas grass. Our faux is part of our synthetic line and it has been flying off the shelves. We listened to our customers and they said that we needed a new vibrant color. After testing out a few colors, we decided to launch our faux pampas in bubble gum pink. It is the perfect Spring addition to our collection. We love incorporating this into our designs whether it be for a bridal shower, Mother’s day brunch, or a baby’s room! If you are a pink fanatic like most of the team at Luxe B, why not add that perfect splash of color to your design!  Looking to add vibrancy to your boutique or workspace, we love seeing these pampas displayed in your window displays. It’s a wonderful way to draw people into your space!

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